All of YouTube's Videos for You!

Until now, only a few thousand videos from YouTube were accessible on the mobile platform out of the tens of millions available. Well, not any longer, as today the video sharing site has expanded its mobile service to include its entire collection. And that’s not all! Most of the features that have made its website so well received have been implemented, such as the rating of videos and sharing them with friends.

A good decision on the management end, as the 100 million users that have just been granted access to the
videos represent a good enough market for the advertisement placing that Google bought YouTube for in the first place. The more videos there are, the more people will be inclined to surf the site and will be exposed to the publicity. Easy as that, wouldn’t you agree? The only thing you must have, in order to access the video library, is a 3G operator and, also, the phone should have streaming capability.

Oh, don’t start thinking that you’ll be bombarded with advertising from day one. No, they’re throwing in the bait and wait for as many as possible to swallow the hook and become accustomed to watching videos on their phones. Then, and only then, ads will be presented to the users and the reeling will start.

On a different matter, YouTube also announced that it was trying to make it easier for its users to upload videos directly from their phones and that they’d developed an application that could be installed on some of the models on the market. At the moment only a few, from Nokia and Sony-Ericsson, and the plan is to monitor the success of the program and, afterwards, if it’ll be worth it, to spread the compatibility to most of the handsets.


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