Pay-Per-Play Audio Ads? No, Thanks!

Advertising is the most profitable way to make cash with the help of the Internet. It’s been approached from every angle and direction, it’s been considered the saving of many companies that would otherwise collapse financially. Come to think about the efforts going into the industry, advertising is no longer a need for
business, it’s also a trend, and like any trend, it is constantly being considered for “fashion” changes. ASCII
were considered at one time, then came color on the ads, the text being written as interestingly as possible, then came the floating ads (which I hate with all my heart), video ads are also present and now the latest buzz is about audio.

Could you imagine having to be forced into listening one ad per x minutes you spend on a site? It’s madness, sheer madness. A radio without the shows. An annoying free consultant that you just cannot fire. Of course, you could just close the speakers or lower the overall volume, but to go through all that trouble? You might be listening to radio on the Internet and right when the news you have been waiting for an update all day comes, you get to hear something like “Are you tired? Really tired? You need to spice up your life! Get your hands on the latest [insert anything you would never want to know anything about here]!”

Claiming to be a huge demand for this type of ads, Pay-Per-Play says that it has a huge 6 million websites using its advertising. And furthermore, it’s being requested by the big names all over the world, according to them. I sincerely doubt that once the nouveau factor is out, the service will keep running. Today’s man’s patience is growing to be very thin and this might be the last straw to tip it over. Oh, and let’s not forget that it pays very poorly, according to Jeremy Schoemaker: less than 1 cent per delivery to a person. You’d need what, a hundred or more to get a buck? Is giving your visitors up worth this?

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