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A short while ago, the Gmail team decided that the way they kept the motivational stories that users sent in was obsolete. In other words, they couldn’t carpet their walls a second time with the letters, over the first. The solution, in touch with modern times, was to ask fans of the email service to make a video of themselves telling the story and send it the team’s way.

About a month and 1,500 videos later, somebody had an idea about putting together a video from some of
the best received and thanking the community in that way. That’s the video embedded below, watch it because although it doesn’t feature a complete story from a person, it’s realized out of cuts in a way to make it both funny and serious at the same time. It’s the “kick back and relax” kind of video that you could watch in a break, most relaxing.

If you want, you could still send videos to the team because it wasn’t a contest and there was no deadline. You can actually say anything, if Gmail helps you with it, it’s ok. Well, not exactly everything, please refrain yourself if you use it to send erotic pictures or set up erotic dates. Not that I’d mind watching that, at any rate, but I doubt you’ll be making it in the next “Gmail All-Stars” video that the dev team might put together.

I would send one myself, but I don’t really want to show my face, so if you see somebody in a video wearing a Darth Vader mask that’s way too big and writing ‘Gmail’ in a robot’s chest piece with a two handed light saber in a Zorro-like manner, that’s probably me trying to look inconspicuous. Don’t think I’d manage that very well, though.

Source : Softpedia

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